Surgery at Grace

What is Grace Hospital?

Grace Hospital was opened in 2007, and incorporates six modern operating theatres, a procedure room, High Dependency Unit, 50 inpatient beds and a separate day-stay facility.

The team at Grace Hospital are dedicated to delivering the best of surgical care for patients, with a comprehensive range of surgical services supported by experienced nursing staff.

Grace Hospital provides its surgeons with access to the latest surgical technologies including the Da Vinci Robot, a technological breakthrough for use in laparoscopic surgeries.

For inpatient comfort, individual patient rooms are provided with hotel style facilities.

Grace Hospital is owned and managed by Norfolk Southern Cross Ltd, a partnership which combines the benefits of two of the major private hospital companies in New Zealand; Acurity Health Group Limited and Southern Cross Hospitals Ltd.


The Urology Department

At Grace Hospital the focus has always been to provide a seamless service for the patients, from first consultation to after discharge care. This has been achieved by building strong relationships with the urologists and their staff, and developing robust communication systems.

Grace Hospital is home to a team of urology specialists; nurses, therapists and administrators that support the urologists.

Clinical staff are supported with education and training aids to ensure their knowledge and skills are up to date.

Grace Hospital is one of the newest private hospitals in New Zealand, and provides world-class facilities for urologists to enable the latest surgical techniques.

Equipment for cryotherapy, brachytherapy, laser, advanced instrumentation and robotic-assisted surgery is available, which allows surgeons to choose the most appropriate treatment for their patients from a range of options.

Grace Hospital hosts teaching sessions for urology surgeons from throughout New Zealand on a regular basis, and the urologists receive referrals from their colleagues across the country.

Several of the urologists operating at Grace are known nationally and internationally for their work.


Your visit

The Grace Hospital environment is modern, comfortable, and the ambience is similar to that of a hotel.

The staff aims to ensure that all patients are assessed and provided with all the information they need to be fully prepared for surgery and discharge. Specific information regarding surgery is provided for urology patients and specialist urology nurses are involved in planning for pre-admission, in-hospital care and discharge planning.

Nursing staff are chosen for their knowledge and skills and provide caring and friendly nursing care. The hospital philosophy is that staff put patients first in all their activities, stay committed to working as a team, providing a quality service, demonstrating respect to patients, families, visitors and each other, and ensuring that they continue to grow professionally.