Six Steps to Prevent Prostate Cancer Before it Starts

World renowned robotic-assisted prostate cancer surgeon Dr David Samadi offers his advice on how to prevent prostate cancer.

It’s all about moderation – Look out for foods that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, like coffee, green tea, fish, broccoli and leafy greens – even red wine.

Stay active – Just a few hours a week can keep your body healthy and trim. A healthy, fit body will also benefit from a stronger immune system and as Dr Samadi says, “Should a diagnosis come, a healthy body’s much stronger in the fight.”

Maintain a healthy sex life – Regular ejaculation is proven to reduce prostate cancer risk – whether through intercourse or masturbation. Studies have shown that ejaculation clears out seminal fluid carcinogens that can build up in the prostate gland.

Know your family history – If you have a close family member (like a brother or your father) that has had prostate cancer, you’re twice as likely to develop prostate cancer yourself. Speak to your doctor about your risk factors, and they can work with you to ensure you are monitored diligently, so if you do develop the disease, you have a better chance of catching it early and getting it treated.

And even if you don’t have a family history – Get tested regularly. Prostate cancer can be present without symptoms –  and sometimes, PSA tests are the only way to catch it early.

Pop a pill – Supplements may reduce prostate cancer risk, but you should speak to your doctor first to find out which supplements could help your prostate stay healthy – before you splash the cash on all those pills!

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