New guidelines for prostate cancer referrals

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand has welcomed the new guidelines for the management and referral of prostate cancer. This document has been developed by the Prostate Cancer Working group after wide consultation, and provides useful guidance for GPs in keeping their patients up-to-date with the latest information about prostate cancer.

The issue of comprehensive guidance for medical professionals advising, managing and referring men in respect of prostate cancer is a significant step in building awareness about prostate cancer, its management and treatment. It is also a world-leading initiative which will be of considerable interest to other countries.

PCFNZ President Mark von Dadelszen issued a media release welcoming these new Guidelines. “Primary care health professionals have an obligation to their patients to be up-to-date with the best, latest information about prostate cancer,” he said “and when prostate cancer is just one of the many things a General Practitioner needs to know about, the new guidance will give doctors most of what they need to know when consulted by men about prostate health. In particular, this guidance will help them to identify the men who should be tested, and how to interpret the test results and what to do if further advice or treatment is indicated.”

Our expectation is that these Guidelines will now be implemented by GPs and health professionals across the country, resulting in better and more consistent care for men presenting with prostate cancer issues.

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