Ask the Experts #2: Will I Still Ejaculate After Prostate Cancer Surgery?

In our Ask the Experts series, we’ll put a real patient question to one of the Grace Prostate Cancer Centre’s urologists, and they’ll offer up an honest, candid response. From commonly asked questions about the prostate and prostate cancer, to queries regarding prostate cancer surgery or alternative treatment options, you’ll find the answer here.

Today, we ask Bay of Plenty Urologist Andre Westenberg about a concern among prostate cancer patients regarding ejaculation post surgery.

Will there be any change in my ejaculate after surgery/treatment, and if so, anything I should be worried about?

There will certainly be a change in your ejaculate after radical prostatectomy – there will not be any!

The reason for this is that, contrary to the popular belief that semen comes from the testicles, the majority of the ejaculatory volume actually comes from the seminal vesicles and the prostate itself. These of course are removed as part of your operation.

This does feel a little different when you have an orgasm (which in itself is not affected – irrespective of whether you have had nerve sparing or not), but most men do not find it a problem at all (and most women find it ‘tidier’!)

For further information, Bay Urology in Tauranga offers a nurse led ‘couples clinic’ where issues of intimacy and sexual function can be discussed in a practical and sensitive way.

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