Government to raise awareness of prostate cancer

The Government is to raise awareness of prostate centre with the injection of $4.3 million into a project to provide comprehensive information to men to assist them in taking action to assess their risks and access treatment.
Grace Prostate Centre Centre welcomes this initiative.

Men to be encouraged to be aware of prostate cancer

Grace Hospital General Manager, Janet Keys says she will be very interested to see if the development of resource material helps to break down the barriers to raise awareness of prostate cancer and reasons that prevent men from investigating prostate issues. “I believe that we need to utilise as many different ways of exposing men to information that encourages them to see their GP to discuss their prostate health and prostate cancer in particular”.

She went on to say that “A lot of men have an aversion to seeking health advice, in fear of finding something wrong and having to deal with it”.

 Grace Prostate Cancer Centre Website

Grace Prostate Cancer Centre was developed to enable information to be easily accessed by men (particularly in the Bay of Plenty) seeking advice about their prostate health, and offering some reassurance about conditions and treatment. To raise awareness of prostate cancer is another aim of the Grace Prostate Cancer Centre website. Go to for more information.


The government press release is available in the link below:

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